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How much does a one minute of a voice over cost?

Even if it is hard to believe this, we do not have an answer to this question. To answer it, we will need all the details of your project.

Of course you can call us to ask us these details, but in the end you will need to fill in this form, because based on it we can get a clear idea about your project.

Our rates vary depending on these 3 variables:

  • the voice actor with which you want us to record your voice over project
  • the type of the voice over recording
  • the length of the text to be recorded as a voice over

Of course, other issues can be just as important. For example, is it important to know if you need more than one voice actor for your recording, or just one?

It would help us to know if you want to fit the voice over recording in certain times, depending on a audio or video that already exists in another language?

Therefore we recommend you to ask for a price quotation via this form that you can find it on this page.

Price quote

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