Voice over casting

We provide some of the best Romanian voice talents. We are focussing our attention on audio quality and also we pay a great attention to deadlines. You can find in our voice bank both male and female native Romanian talents altogether with voice talents of other languages than Romanian.
We have a selection of over 80 native voice talents, speaking Romanian. In addition, we have native children’s voice talents from Romania, native voice actors from the Republic of Moldova and a wide offer of native speakers of other 12 popular languages.

You can be sure of the fact that any of our voices will provide a professional sound quality. Choose a talent and get in touch with us in order to start working on your audio project, as soon as possible.

Voice over recording

After selecting the suitable voice over for your Romanian audio project contact us and we will provide you a price quotation, and availability for the voice which you have selected. After that, we will be ready to work on your audio project. You will get the romanian voice over that you have requested, in any other audio format required, within 24 – 48 hours. The delivery time is depending on the studio’s workload, but we assure you that we will always do our best to send you the material as soon as possible.

Please do note that errors or omissions by are always amended free of charge. Changes to script after production may result in additional charges.
Payment will be made only after you give us your final acceptance for our services.

Audio mixing

We are ready to provide you not only the voice over for your romanian audio project. If you need the voiceover material in more than one file, we can do that. We are able to edit voice over recordings in several audio files, which we can name as they are called in your script. We can add, on the final material, background music and various audio effects. We are able to proviode the mix of the voice over with the background music.

We have a wide variety of royalty free music, and libraries of sound effects. Also, we have the skills for producing the entire audio material from scratch.

Request a price quote

We will respond to any request within a maximum of a few hours.

Commercial voice over

Commercial ads need a voice over talent. Just think at this thing: Have you seen a commercial on Tv or heard one at radio without a voiceover?

Yes… we agree that you you might have seen some. But by using a good voice over you can buy yourself the successful delivery of a commercial messages.

On radio the voiceover will go hand in hand with a nice musical background. Choose the voice you like from our voiceovers bank, and after that, just send us your script. We will provide you with a fantastic voiceover for your commercial ad.


We can record any kind of a voice over narration that you might need. A voice over narration may be an audio-book, corporate video,or an e-learning project. Also narration is used in documentaries or in DVD presentations. Many companies are using videos for training. This means that in our days the corporate voice over narration is very important.

E-learning voice over can also be considered a very good tool for training purposes. We are able to record your e-learning voice over project and send it to you splited in as many files as needed, according to your specifications. Also we can record voice over narrations for documentaries or TV shows.

Interactive voice response

IVR means – interactive voice response. These messages can be used on the phone as “on hold messages”, or like “phone prompts” and also on your website or on a ATM machine. These voice over messages are ment to interact with your users, to provide them answers to their questions.

Even if you can’t find the service you are looking for, please contact us, so we can better understand your needs and your project necessities, and in order to develop solutions that may help you. You can request a quote for your project, by simply sending us an e-mail message.

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